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Haunted Dollhouse

October 3, 2013

Soooo spooky! Come visit our haunted dollhouse in the Bath Sense window display now until Halloween.

Stage 1: total house repainting is completed. Now for the continuing renovations and décor.

A little background on our house. It was originally made for me in the mid 80’s by my dad and grandfather one glue crazy christmas eve. Last week I pulled it from my mom’s attic, dusty and slightly worse for wear. What amazed me were the weird little furniture pieces I discovered. I don’t remember making them 20 years ago, but there were a couple of funky cotton ball and dixie cup love seats in addition to some actual dollhouse furniture. My plan is to rejuvenate some of those pieces, supplement the décor with some new stuff, and make fun little odds and ends from baking clay.

Stay tuned…. Same Bat time, same bat channel!