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Haunted Dollhouse

October 3, 2013

Soooo spooky! Come visit our haunted dollhouse in the Bath Sense window display now until Halloween.

Stage 1: total house repainting is completed. Now for the continuing renovations and décor.

A little background on our house. It was originally made for me in the mid 80’s by my dad and grandfather one glue crazy christmas eve. Last week I pulled it from my mom’s attic, dusty and slightly worse for wear. What amazed me were the weird little furniture pieces I discovered. I don’t remember making them 20 years ago, but there were a couple of funky cotton ball and dixie cup love seats in addition to some actual dollhouse furniture. My plan is to rejuvenate some of those pieces, supplement the décor with some new stuff, and make fun little odds and ends from baking clay.

Stay tuned…. Same Bat time, same bat channel!


You can’t teach a dog to chew with his mouth closed

November 9, 2010

didja know we wrote a book?? come and get it! in stock now at Bath Sense

You can't teach a dog to chew with his mouth closed

A tip, from Italy!

June 12, 2010

Spuma di Sciampagna, the lovely yummy bubbly Italian soaps & bubble baths moonlight as….. excellent wash for delicates! I kid you not, the ingredients are as extremely gentle on the skin as on lacy undergarments.  Pick up a bottle here (you know where we’re at!) and give it a whirl.

Bath Time!

June 4, 2010

Ah, so the sweet ironies of life.  I own a bath shop yet have no bath.  It’s true!  But I house sat for my mom this week which prompted me to bring home about 12 sample packets of Kneipp’s Eucalyptus Bath… bliss….. green green bath water, some yummy bubbles, deep breathing and a book.  Let me recommend the experience!Kneipp

Mother’s Day Raffle!

April 28, 2010

Yep, buy anything over $10 and you’ll be entered to win a Thymes gift basket for Mother’s day.  Lavender! Because mums love lavender.  Perfume, soap, bubble bath, wash, lotion, and bath salts.  Take a load off mom!  The drawing will occur the Friday before Mother’s day and we will phone the winner to coordinate pick-up of the goodies.

Eau de Fantastique!

April 23, 2010

Royal Apothic's darling candle


The Dirt

March 26, 2010

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, the store is quiet, and I’m giving it a go at the first ever Bath Sense Blog.

Before  Bandit or I got into the soap business, Bath Sense graced the Laurel Heights neighborhood for 18 years. One fine day, in July 2009, we decided to clean up our acts and get our respective hands and paws into the suds.

Bath Sense carries many international and popular body care lines such as the Thymes, Speziali, Olivina, Kneipp, Royal Apothic, Cellex-C, Dash & Albert, Lafco, La Bouquetierre, Mistral, Pre de Provence and more. Also available are cozy PJ’s by BedHead and Pine Cone Hill and assorted robes,linens, home decor items, and jewelry.  And let me add, beautiful paintings created by yours truly!

So Bath Sense has new owners, but the wonderful products and the ever popular Sale Room remain the same.  I like to think we have a price point for everyone and that we’re the perfect place to find a special gift or treat for yourself.  You’ll always find great deals on candles, lotions, potions, and more.

Bandit, Bath Sense Manager, has years of experience bathing.  He especially enjoys gentle bar soaps with an Oatmeal base (perfect for his sensitive skin).  Originally from Stanislaus, Bandit arrived in San Francisco in 2008 where he made his acquaintance with Margaret.

Then there’s me, the Bath Sense Shop Girl.  I prefer shower gels with either a citrus or eucalyptus scent, both of which invigorate and aid in sinus relief. I’m a native San Franciscan and I enjoy painting, writing and reading in my free time.  I attended the Hamlin School, University High School, and New York University.  I believe that cities are the new small towns.

Come and visit us! Be sure to introduce yourself to me and Bandit to join the Bath Sense mailing list for info on fun parties and the latest products!

As always, you can find Bath Sense on the corner of Sacramento at Locust, the same block as Spruce.  We’re currently open Tues to Sat but will soon be open on Mondays as well.   In the meantime, keep it clean.

Suds & Kisses,

Bandit & Margaret